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We produce the coolest hunting gear for hunters throughout Europe and beyond. With background in our hunting experience from most of the world with bow and arrow, shotgun and rifle, we innovate and produce the necessary gear for all kinds of hunting.





With The backpack chair Björn, it does not matter if someone has stolen the seat, now you always bring your own. Everywhere

Hunting gear is no joke.

Gear from Mjoelner Hunting combined with your knowledge, skills and your attitude creates the basis for your hunting success.



Development of hunting gear

When we develop hunting gear, we see it as a living, continuous and contiguous process. If we discover, innovate and produce new details, they will be continuously implemented on all our other products if possible. When we test, we do not test in our garden. No, we test in the nature, in the terrain, and under the conditions where we execute our hunting. We test during hunting, and we hunt a lot.

Choice of materials

We choose our materials according to strength and durability, and after the hunting form is intended for.

If it is to be silent, then it must be so silent that, for example, the red stag does not hear your stuff rattling or creaking under your walk and stalk.

Many backpack racks are made of steel because it is cheapest. Ours are made in aluminum because it is better.

Shapes and Colors

Functionality before beauty. First and foremost, hunting gear must function and to perfection. That is definitely our primary goal. Then we strive to make things neat, nice and aesthetic.







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Phone: + 45 28 88 12 24

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